Top 6 Glitches Found in Playstation Games


Some glitches are just funny, others rewarding, and some re-write history. Here are the top 6 glitches found in Playstation games.


This one is outrageously funny. The glitch is when a player hits a single, he just keeps running. And running. You get the picture. Is there an ice cream man in the stands? It gets even better when the shortstop for the opposing team gets sick of it, and goes chasing after the rogue player so quickly that he must be the Flash.


You can do and get away with a lot in the Grand Theft Auto games, but if you really want to survive the streets, for the love of God, please avoid violence on the golf course. If you strike what must be the club’s favorite player, you drop your club, and nothing can save you. You become completely immobile, and the cops come with a kill-on-sight duty. You have been warned.


In what has been endearingly named “The Lazarus Boat,” this glitch is pretty bizarre. After you claim a ship named the Jackdaw, you will suddenly find a weird boat shape in the water. If you find the lack of boat disturbing, you don’t want to see what has happened to your crew. They are hanging in the air, some dropping into the hollow vacuum that was the boat. Eventually they will take to the sky as the boat returns. Your crew will start singing their songs again, as if to suppress their memories.


This glitch became so famous that it was an advertising boon. Called “the Jesus Shot,” Tiger Wood’s character literally walks on water to make really easy shots. It got over a million views on YouTube, and was eventually incorporated into the advertising for the game, showing the real Tiger Woods attempting the same feat.


Tomb Raider is definitely one of the best games ever. You have an independent, intelligent, independently wealthy and combat ready female role model. It was one of the first games to pin down how to do a 3D game, changing the industry forever. And then there was her bust. Yes, this glitch occurred when the creator was fine-tuning the model, and a 50% increase became a 150% increase.

Space Invaders is arguably one of the most important games of all time. It saved high scores, and introduced the idea of a “difficulty curve.” What happened was that the creator made his own specially-designed hardware. However, the aliens wouldn’t move as fast as he had intended. However, as more aliens died, the faster they began to move because more of the processor was freed up. This influenced all genres of video games, because a difficulty curve definitely gives you a finer sense of accomplishment. They make the games oh-so-addictive.