Top 5 Spyro Games in the History of Playstation


Spyro is a playstation game which has stood the test of time. First released almost years ago in 1998, Spyro still remains a popular choice amongst gamers today. Most of my generation will recall growing up with the little purple dragon. I remember my first time playing it on my cousin’s beaten up playstation 1 console, I was in awe of the adorable little dragon flitting around the screen at my control. Spyro will always be a classic, so here’s a list of my top 5 favourite Spyro games over the years.

1: Spyro: Year of the Dragon

The third game in the original trilogy, and the last Spyro game created by Insomniac Games. The storyline here is that the dragons are celebrating the Year of the Dragon, during which new dragon eggs are delived to the dragon world. A rabbit steals the eggs, and Spyro follows her down a rabbit hole leading to the Forgotten Realms, where he meets the games main antagonist. Many consider Year of the Dragon better than the Original and Ripto’s Rage because it has more variety, you have the chance to play as a different character, and the boss battles are much more established.

2: Spyro: Ripto’s Rage

Ripto’s Rage, also known as Gateway to Glimmer in Europe and Australia, is the second game of the original series. This makes my list because of the huge step up it took from the original game in terms of graphics, character introduction and storyline. Although the structure and worlds in this game are similar to the first, Spyro is capable of doing so much more! His new abilities here included hovering, swimming under water and climbing ladders.

3: Spyro the Dragon

The first Spyro game ever released, it was an instant success in the gaming world. A platform game where the player controls Spyro, whose task is to set his fellow dragon friends free from the crystal prisons. Considered the first series to pull off a video game adaptation of a cartoon world, Spyro transports the player into a world of magic. Not to mention the graphics were completely groundbreaking at the time of its release!

4: The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon

Released in 2008 for Playstation 2, it’s the final instalment in The Legend of Spyro trilogy. Spyro must fulfil his destiny and stop the Dark Master from taking over his world with evil. Much more advanced gameplay than previous titles in the series, this game allows free-fly mode and a co-op mode with Cynder, allowing you to complete the game as either characters! The worlds here are less linear, and the player has more freedom to explore larger areas while progressing with the game.

5: Spyro: A Hero’s Tail

The second game released for PS2, here Spyro must defeat the evil Red by destroying the dark gems that fuel his power. He must defeat Red with the help of his best friend Sparx the dragonfly, Hunter the Cheetah, Sgt. Byrd the flying penguin and Blink the mole, all of whom are playable! Although it can’t compare to the original trilogy in terms of innovation, it is similar in terms of gameplay, many people consider it to be a step up in terms of graphics, story and character abilities.

Now if you don’t have any of these spyro games, I would highly suggest that you get some PSN cash, and buy it in the store.