PlayStation VS. Xbox: Why PlayStation is better


PlayStation vs Xbox. This has been an ongoing conflict in the console wars. Trying figure out which console is the best is a very challenging task. However, this issue can be resolved by understanding what a good video game console should offer to consumers.
When it comes to playing video games, people want a highly advanced console. The console must be able to play the latest titles. It also has to be easy to operate. A console should also provide extra benefits and features such as playing movies, CDs and connecting to the internet. Some people even want a console that will allow them to view online content and have access to new games and special online titles. There is only one game console that provides all these features and that is the PlayStation.
Sony’s PlayStation is considered the number one ranked console on the planet because it delivers. Each console from each generation of Sony has been able to provide users with outstanding features and benefits. The original PlayStation allowed users to play CDs and DVDs. The Xbox also has this feature.
The future generations of PlayStation allowed users to connect to the internet. The Xbox does this as well. However, the Xbox does not offer more benefits in terms of online services. PlayStation has a wide variety of titles that people enjoy playing. The Xbox has its fair share of titles and it provides a lot of original games for people to play.
The PlayStation consoles typically provide more storage space and have a faster processing unit. People can save more of their games on their unit. Don’t be fooled, the Xbox system also has great games as well. This unit does have some great online content and subscription services. The PlayStation has extras such as virtual reality headsets, cameras and specialized gear for games. Xbox has some of these extras but they do not compare to PlayStation.
The PlayStation has sold over 155 million units while Xbox only sold 84 million. In terms of sales, all PlayStation consoles from each generation has outperformed other brands on the market. Xbox has the added advantage of being connectable to a person’s PC. However, the masses simply like PlayStation more and the numbers show it. Bottom line, the PlayStation console is considered the best on the planet.