Is Pac Man Still Worth Playing Today?


Pac Man is considered one of the greatest games in the history of this genre. This video game title was released in 1980 and it quickly became the number one game in the world. Pac Man was such a profound hit back in the 80s that it singlehandedly brought the video game culture to the mainstream.
When Pac Man was released in the 80s arcade games were starting to take off. There were arcades all over Japan and America. By the way, Pac Man is a Japanese creation not an American one. The Developer Namco put the game together and Toru Iwatani created the concept. Once Pac Man made his way into North America (especially the U.S.); the rest as they say is history.
This game quickly spread around the country and just about everybody wanted to play. People would spend $40 dollars a night in quarters just to see what level they could reach and if they could get the highest score. The true champions of this game could brag about their conquest and level of expertise.
Pac Man lasted for many years and it produced a highly rated spinoff called Mrs. Pac Man which is Pac Man’s wife. She too had great success just like her husband. However, it was Pac Man who set the world on fire for video games. Pac Man even a had song called “Pac Man Fever” which broke the top 10 on the Billboard Charts in 1982.
There was a ton of merchandise and even cartoon show that was based off Pac Man. Pac Fever was so strong that it lasted from 1980 and started to wane in popularity sometime around 86. By 1987 the game had lost a lot of its appeal. People still played it but it was not the same. Pac Man has now reached the status of immortality in the video game realm.
Can Pac Man still be played today? The short answer is yes it can be. Truthfully, people still play this game all the time and it is the year 2017. However, Pac Man as a unique video game franchise cannot be revived. People have moved on from the early days of video game characters and titles. Games such as Pac Man, Galaga, Centipede, Donkey Kong and Super Mario Brothers were fun back then, but this generation has been introduced to more sophisticated titles.
Pac Man is a great game to download and play on a tablet. It is also fun to play it on an old Atari console. Also, if a person is lucky enough to play the arcade version – then that will be a blast as well. Ultimately, Pac Man should not be brought back. The spirit of the 80s and its initial release could never be recaptured by the masses. If it did happen it would only last for a short while. The days of Pac Man Fever are over and we should just move on to something else. However, nobody has forgotten Pac Man and the spirit of this video game still lives on. So what are you waiting for? Get Pac man on your PlayStation already.