This is How You Can Change Your PlayStation Network Name


For years, one of the biggest complaints PlayStation users have expressed, is their want to change their user names, or gamertags. As is common in the tech world, things are constantly changing. Now, until the PS4 was released, changing your username was only obtainable if you created a new account. The negative to this, is that you lose all of your achievements, downloaded content associated with said account, and your friend lists. While these can be reobtained thru hard work, it can be quite a hassle trying to find all the friends from the previous list. Now, granted, for the most avid of players this isn’t a big deal, for the more casual player, it does create a large dilemma. And lets face it, we all want to be able to change our names without all the hassle. Until now, unfortunately, creating a new account was the only way to obtain this, with the small exception to the rule being that you found your username to be offensive. In that case you could simply contact support and argue your case. However, after watching many, MANY, hours of YouTube videos, I have found a way to at least change your real name. And while this may not seem like a big deal, it does open up the possibility that in the future, perhaps it will open the path to changing gamertages. So lets get on with it shall we? Ok, so from your console, you would navigate to your settings menu. From here scroll to Network or account management. This is followed by going to your account information. After this, you would go to profile, and then name. Once here, you can put in virtually anything you want, so long as it doesn’t violate PlayStation standards. When you’ve changed this, you can then choose to share with your friends list, but can’t be undone without deleting then readding the friend You wish to no longer see your name. However, the only places this is shown, is to said friends, and on your screen. Everywhere else, they will only see your original gamer tag.