What Can You Buy with PlayStation Network Funds?

ps funds

If you’ve asked yourself this question, it only means one thing– You’ve found yourself in obsession of a prepaid PSN card. These are cared that have a code on the back, and are for exclusive use in the PlayStation Store. You can find these at most retailers, and game stores. Now that you know for sure what it is, and where to purchase it, let’s talk about what you can do with it. Is there a movie you’ve wanted to buy, but have no time to get to the local video store? What about expansion packs for your favorite Call of Duty games? Have you missed an episode of your favorite TV show? Maybe you’ve been eyeing a new game thats been discounted thanks to your PSN Plus subscription? Lucky for you all these things, and many more are available in the PlayStation Store, and can be purchased with your PSN funds. Another great benefit of PSN funds, is that if you’ve been considering upgrading your console, or even purchasing a new special edition console, you can do so if it’s available in the PS Store. Even that headset that you’ve had you’re eye on, but can’t find offline, can be purchased. Imagine it’s a rainy day and your significant other just wants to chill on the couch with a few movies, not only can you purchase the full length movies mentioned earlier, but you can also rent new titles. Is there a new album by your favorite artist dropping, but due to day to day life you don’t have time to stop by your local music store to buy it? Well, with your PS Store funds, you can download it straight to your console. A few other uses for those funds, could also be to purchase new themes, and avatars. In general, anything that is available in the online PlayStation Store can be bought using both credit cards and prepaid coded cards or even digital codes!