The Best PlayStation Games to be released in 2018

There were a ton of video games coming out in 2018 that could have been considered some of the best. They may just be, the likes of Far Cry 5, Kingdom Come, Sea of Thieves, and State of Decay 2. But for fans of Playstation 4, there is one game creating a lot of buzz and for good reason. Our 2018 Best Video Game is…

A Way Out

That’s right, surely to be defined as one of its kind on theme alone. If you loved the movies Escape From Alcatraz, Shawshank Redemption, and you couldn’t get enough of the hit-show, Prison Break, A Way Out is going to be perfect for you.

It is slated to be released early 2018, and is a co-op played video-game. So, grab your best friend for after school or on the weekends, and get down to some split-screen duo playing.

A Way Out is directed by Josef Fares, who did an excellent job in his efforts with Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. This game has all of the works and wonders of feeling like a badass with your best friend as you imagine and create different ways to bust out of prison. It’s such a cool narrative that it really is a must-play for gamers.

The characters Leo and Vincent, each have their story to tell, and each are trying to break out of prison. You must help them, but with cooperation and the trust of your friend’s gaming ability. Published by Electronic Art and developed by Hazelight, A Way Out is going to capture the minds and hearts of gamers who appreciate a good story while playing.


I think co-op video games are some of the most fun elements in gaming today. This gives you the opportunity to test your friend’s skills, while working side by side as a team to get Leo and Vincent out of prison. It’s perfect for bonding, and it’s great for an all day mow down session on the couch as you go level to level conspiring a prison break. A Way Out is the game of the year to play on PS4 in 2018. Now get yourself some free PSN codes with this generator, and you’ll be able to buy this game when it’s released.